Hinerangi Himiona


Te Uri Taniwha, Ngati Hineira, Ngati Korohue

me Ngati Ruamahue nga hapu,

ko Ngapuhi te iwi. 

Ko Ngati Huia te hapu,

ko Ngati Toarangatira te iwi.

Hinerangi is a highly regarded independent contractor, although she works across a range of disciplines in the public sector, her primary capability is working on Maori cultural heritage and creative design projects. She has over 20 years’ experience as a researcher, facilitator, project manager and problem solver. Her strength is in working with people, individuals and communities and her experience spans the marae, to the Boardroom, Council chambers to local and central government offices. She is equally comfortable working in homes and on marae with kaumatua and whanaunga over a cuppa and korero, speaking with iwi leaders on whanau and iwi development to advising senior executives within local and central government.


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Hinerangi has something you can’t teach, it’s called courageous vision. It’s more than seeing surface level, it’s about having the capacity to push the boundaries in pursuit of what is noble and excellent even if others deem it impossible. she is reliable, insightful, thoughtful and impactful. It is people like Hinerangi that are bringing about radical transformation in this nation and beyond.
— Jade Hohaia (Ogilvy NZ: Tātou Co-Founder)
I admired her quiet determination to challenge the status quo for the possibility of a better outcome and the pragmatism to make decisions and keep the project moving.
— Vicki-Anne Heikell, Field Conservator, National Library of New Zealand
Hinerangi is a cultural go-between of the first order, working in the tradition of other important kaiwhakarite who have bridged the gap between Pākehā and Māori worlds. Her deep knowledge of te ao Māori and the ability to share that knowledge in an easy-to-understand way made our curatorial work for He Tohu so much easier. Coupled with her rich experience of archives and the government sector, Hinerangi was, without exaggeration, the key to He Tohu’s success. I doubt that anyone else could have undertaken what Hinerangi achieved, navigating complex and contested histories with skill, professionalism, and grace.
— Jared Davidson, Archivist and He Tohu Curator
Without her patient, thoughtful, collaborative work in liaising between the two cultures I am convinced that the project would never have come to fruition.
— James McLean, Co-Director Story Inc.